Gangrene results in dead tissue caused by an infection or lack of blood flow.The death of tissue often occurs in the extremities or skin from loss of blood supply. The condition often affects toes, fingers, and limbs, but can affect muscles and organs.

  • Discolored skin
  • severe pain followed by numbness
  • foul discharge

People may experience:

  • Skin: blister, blue skin from poor circulation, dark scab, discoloration, or ulcers
  • Whole body: fever or low blood pressure

Also common: creaky joints, pus, reduced sensation of touch, or foul-smelling discharge


Treatment consists of procedures to remove the dead tissue and antibiotics

  • Supportive care – IV fluids and Oxygen therapy
  • Medications – Penicillin and Antibiotics
  • Medical procedure – Removal of unhealthy tissue
  • Surgery – Amputation, Skin grafting, and Fasciotomy