14 Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

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May 14, 2022
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June 7, 2022

People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems.  Even ordinary problems can get worse and lead to serious complications. Here are 14 tips to help keep your feet healthy for the next 75,000 miles.

  1. Inspect your feet for cracks, calluses, and wounds daily. Use a mirror or have someone help you if you are not able to see your feet clearly.
  2. Be gentle when washing your feet.
  3. Moisturize your feet with an alcohol-free moisturizer — but not between your toes.
  4. Cut nails carefully and always straight across. Ingrown toenails are liable to become infected and lead to further pain and infection.
  5. Never trim corns or calluses. Seek professional treatment from a foot doctor instead, since you may risk further harm by creating an open wound.
  6. Wear clean, dry socks and change them regularly if they become damp.
  7. Avoid socks that are too loose or too tight.
  8. Protect your feet from extreme temperatures.
  9. Shake out your shoes and inspect the inside before putting them on. Your feet may not be able to feel invasive matter like pebbles that could cause blisters or other wounds.
  10. Keep your feet warm and dry.
  11. Never walk barefoot to avoid cuts or other injuries to your feet you may not be able to detect. Untreated wounds can become infected and even develop into diabetic foot ulcers.
  12. Shoes should never require a “break-in” period. Do not buy shoes that are tight.
  13. Wear proper diabetic footwear fitted by a podiatrist you trust.
  14. Get yearly foot exams with a trusted podiatrist who can detect problems and set you on a care plan for your feet.


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