The Terrible 2 Toenail Travails

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January 20, 2023
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March 7, 2023

Your feet may be far from your mind when it comes to taking care of them, but why not just keep an eye on them for the two terrible afflictions that can affect your toenails which can cause considerable pain, discomfort and even embarrassment? Keeping aware of changes to the color and texture of your toenails will literally give you a heads up when it comes down to your toes.

The terrible 2 toenail travails you should check for regularly are:

1)    Toenail fungusWhen you notice that your toenails become thicker and more brittle at the edges with yellowing or other color changes, it’s time to think “wow, bummer, toenail fungal infection.” Or maybe the real wake-up call will come from the foul smell that overrides even your normal foot odor? It’s really all in a day’s work for your podiatrist, so make an effort to have your toenail fungus treated! You can also try Keryflex nail restoration to restore the nail to its normal appearance if you are so inclined.

2)    Ingrown toenailsThis problem is truly on the cutting edge when it comes to toe pain. These nails that you are so fond of ignoring for months at a time are in need of serious help due to your lack of proper cutting technique, or really, no cutting technique! Haphazard cutting isn’t going to cut it with your toenails. Cut them straight across and not too short and you can avoid many ingrown toenail problems.

If you need help with ingrown toenails or a terrible toenail fungal infection, your foot care professionals are ready to assist.

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